Strength training is your ticket to feeling more confident and capable, having less pain/joint instability, increasing metabolism, and seeing major progress with minimal time invested. Strength training is not just for body builders! Learn to:

  • Build a strength training program designed to achieve your goals of strength, aesthetic, performance, and/or endurance
  • Train confidently and efficiently to make the most of your training time
  • Incorporate muscle balance to prevent injury, improve posture, and promote joint stability

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Eating Healthy at Restaurants masterclass – $29.99

Learn all about marrying your love of eating out with your health goals. Topics covered:

  • When to focus on nutrition at restaurants and when to just enjoy yourself
  • My best tip for balancing nutrition in any restaurant meal, from fast food to fancy
  • Ways to include your fave delicious restaurant foods and still meet your health goals

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How to Meal Plan masterclass – $29.99

Ever tried to make a meal plan and get stuck on what to make? Making a meal plan can be intimidating or overwhelming at first! Join Registered Dietitian Becki Parsons and learn to:

  •  Confidently make a balanced, healthy meal plan that actually works for you and your schedule
  •  Incorporate more variety and new recipes
  •  Prevent wasted food in the dark corners of your fridge

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