Master your metabolism with my 6-week mindful eating course!
Teach your body to become a calorie-burning energy factory.

The experience of living in a human body is very much like being in a relationship. You and your body each have your own goals and desires, and while you can both putt along, ignoring each others’ desires and working independently, neither you nor your body will thrive.

If you’re eager to tune in to your body’s signals and understand what your body is saying to you, this is the course for you.

If you feel like a push-me-pull-you against your body – it never seems to want what you want or respond how you expect, this is the course for you.

If you want to lose weight and you feel like everything you try either makes it worse or makes you feel like garbage, this is the course for you.

Over the six weeks, you will:

  • Learn to identify your body’s hunger and fullness signals (even ones you may not recognize as signals) and confidently respond appropriately.
  • Meet your individual needs and regulate your portions without using a tracker.
  • Enjoy treats and meals out without guilt while still supporting your health goals.
  • Recognize the difference between physiological need, craving, and emotional eating, and learn how to approach each in ways that support your health.
  • Learn to interpret physical signs from your body indicating a shortage of nutrients.

These skills have helped me and so many of my clients build a symbiotic relationship with our bodies and maintain a healthy weight without stress and diet wrangling.

“Wow! This course is amazing! In just two short weeks I am learning to listen to what my body needs and wants…this past week I have been listening to my body more and recognizing when it’s full and it says no more. There are days when I’ve eaten all my food but others when my body says we’re done halfway through! It’s amazing how much a difference listening to my body has made in how I’m feeling overall.”