Marry your love of eating out with your health goals.

  • When to focus on nutrition at restaurants and when to just enjoy yourself
  • My best tip for balancing nutrition in any restaurant meal, from fast food to fancy
  • Ways to include your fave delicious restaurant foods and still meet your health goals

Ever tried to make a meal plan and get stuck on what to make? Making a meal plan can be intimidating or overwhelming at first!

  •  Confidently make a balanced, healthy meal plan that actually works for you and your schedule
  •  Incorporate more variety and new recipes
  •  Prevent wasted food in the dark corners of your fridge

Strength training is your ticket to feeling more confident and capable, having less pain/joint instability, increasing metabolism, and seeing major progress with minimal time invested. Strength training is not just for body builders!

  • Build a strength training program designed to achieve your goals of strength, aesthetic, performance, and/or endurance
  • Train confidently and efficiently to make the most of your training time
  • Incorporate muscle balance to prevent injury, improve posture, and promote joint stability

Prices are higher than ever and unless you have some strategy, eating healthy can feel out of reach. Watch this masterclass and never get cold sweats at the checkout. Never feel you have to choose between financial or physical health.

Coming into the holiday season so many clients start stressing about how the holidays might affect their health goals.

  • Enjoy your holidays (and your favorite holiday foods)
  • Feel confident in your ability to balance your nutrition with social situations
  • Avoid feeling like you need a major “reset” or an extreme resolution in the New Year – you’ll already feel great!

If you want to be consistent with a workout plan, you need to know yourself and work with your personality quirks. A little strategy in advance will set you up to never have to “start over” again.

If you’re tired of trying and trying to change your habits and always “falling off the wagon,” you need this class!

When you’re ready to add in a new habit, leverage the most effective strategies I use to help my clients be their most successful at starting a new habit that goes the distance.

Did you know your blood sugar is the underlying driver of energy, metabolism, brain function, and fat storage? It’s critical to understand how different foods affect your blood sugar, and how that affects your energy and function – whether or not you have diabetes!

The best part is there are some crazy simple blood sugar “hacks” you can implement for steadier energy, no 3 pm slumps, and minimal extra fat storage – and they’re all in here!

You don’t have to track calories or macros to get to your goals. You just need to know how to balance each meal to meet your needs and get where you’re going, whether that is better sports performance, steady blood sugar, optimal health, weight loss, or muscle gain.

This class comes with easy downloadable visuals to build simple balanced plates, plus a download of 35 healthy balanced meal ideas to get you started!

Your gut health is the foundation of everything. You can do all the nutrition gymnastics you want, but if your gut doesn’t digest and absorb properly, the rest of your body will be oblivious to your efforts.

Learn to build sustainable gut-healthy habits to optimize digestion and absorption.