Let i’mPowered Nutrition & Fitness help you meet your health goals! Here are a few examples of goals set and achieved by past clients:

  • Run a 5K without stopping
  • Lower blood sugar/A1c
  • Lose weight (anywhere from 5 to 100 lbs!)
  • Pass the physical activity test to be a firefighter
  • Lower blood pressure to 120/80 mmHg
  • Play with grandchildren for 20 minutes without pain
  • Improve and regulate digestion
  • Increase energy

Here’s what past and current clients have to say:

“Empowerment comes from knowledge. i’mPowered Nutrition & Fitness has provided me and my family with vast knowledge to make good choices about our food and well being. I could not thank Becki enough for informing me about nutrition and keeping a realistic weight goal in mind. The knowledge I have received is long lasting and I am confident about my choices when I go to the grocery store or a restaurant. I recommend “i’mPowered” to anybody who is willing to learn and be healthy.”

– Adriana C.

“Becki Parsons of i‘mPowered has done Wellness Presentations at our agency twice. Each time her presentation is engaging, full of useful, backed nutrition and exercise information, that is backed by science. She lives by what she presents, and is very real about our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, knowing life is busy and it’s hard to find the time for food prep and exercise. Becki shares different ideas for all lifestyles in order to help all succeed in their quest to be healthier

Our Agency looks forward to partnering with Becki again for future presentations.”

– Ann B., Wellness Chair
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

“As my one-on-one personal coach, Becki tailored my health and wellness program to my unique circumstances and interest. Within the last two years I have undergone 4 knee surgeries and 1 back surgery. As a result of the surgeries and medication I gained a lot of weight and became quite out of shape. Becki coached me on healthy eating, tips on calorie balance, exercise and alternative foods to name a few conversations.

I would like to thank Becki for always being on time, courteous, and providing everything she promised to provide and the excellent answers to all my questions…the manner in which she provided excellent coaching to me was very much appreciated. I recommend Becki in all her future endeavors and thank her for the service she has provided me. FYI – I lost approximately 38 pounds during the 12 week program. Thank you for all your help.”

-Dan D.

“She is incredibly informed and has a realistic approach to her advice. Her research is up to date and backed by scientific evidence. The information is provided in a simple and easy-to-consume presentation, tailored to your needs.”

-Stefan L.

“Nutrition for the Fire Service was a very helpful class. The information was applicable and comprehensive…easily applied to everyday life around the fire house.”

-Heath H., Fire Captain
McLane-Black Lake Fire Department

Here’s what a Primary Care Provider had to say about the services Becki provided to her patients:

“Becki was instrumental to the success of my patients. She often made suggestions for insulin dosing, special diets, and carbohydrate counting which made my time with the patient more valuable. She was also extremely well versed in insurance barriers and how best to work with the patients to meet their needs both medically and financially. Patients really responded positively to her approaches and she was a true joy to work with on a daily basis.”

– Andrea Thompson, ARNP

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